College consulting. Designed for you.

My services focus on the following:

  • Engaging the student in taking charge of their college admissions process.
  • Promoting meaningful communications with parents.
  • Providing access to comprehensive up-to-date information and resources regarding college admissions.
  • Reviewing and assessing high school transcripts, extracurricular activities, test scores and psychoeducational reports.
  • Using interviews, surveys, and assessments to thoroughly understand a student's interests, aptitudes, and skills.
  • Strategizing standardized test selection and timing.
  • Striving to bring clarity and objective advice to the admissions process. 
  • Working with the student to create a list of colleges that will be a good fit for the student.
  • Coaching for the admission application and  essay.
  • Assisting with all aspects of the timeline for submission of necessary documents for admissions.
  • Counseling on financial aid strategies and assessing financial feasibility of selected colleges.
  • Planning for campus visits and interviews.


Hourly consultation fees are paid at end of each session. Phone and email contacts are billable time. This is an a la carte approach that can work well if the family has only specific areas they need assistance with such as the following:


  • College list review
  • Application review
  • Essay guidance
  • Interview preparation
  • Transfer admissions
  • GAP year options
  • Career planning assessments
  • Learning Disabilities information

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