College consulting. Designed for you.

“Duffy, you were RIGHT ON with so much of your reading of and advice for our daughter, it’s almost uncanny…”

Parent, Class of 2009, Georgiana Bruce Kirby Preparatory School

DUFFY GRANT is an educational advisor that strives to guide, educate and uncover the path to a higher education that is specific to the student's passions, talents and curiosity. 

I offer a full service college consulting practice that will:

  • Develop a broad range of choices for educational futures that are based on the needs and goals of the student and family
  • Evaluate the student's educational objectives and plans based on their strengths
  • Assist and advise in the development of the student’s academic and extracurricular profile
  • Create an understanding of the sequence of events that lead to college admissions
  • Guide the creation of personal statements, resumes, and preparing for interviews

     Only the beginning of a great adventure!